Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 1

Safety First!
          aboard the R/V Falkor
Chas Downey

The voyage began at 10:30 am today as we left the Port of Corpus Christi and headed to Port Aransas, Texas to begin fueling. For this 272 foot research vessel it is no small task to dock this size vessel however our captain Heiko Voltz is one impressive navigator making this difficult task look easy. Before our voyage however, this morning started with a safety training class followed by a fire drill. Our safety training was taught by one of our bridge officers, Thiago Da Silva and student Chas Downey volunteered to wear the immersion suit for demonstration. What a sport! Following the meeting, alarms sounded and quickly life vests were distributed along with the immersion suits for protection.

By 7:14pm (congrats Judd- who estimated this time within seconds this morning) we headed out past the jetties off Port Aransas, Texas on the way toward the farthest artificial reef sites (MI-616 and BA-A-28). The hard work starts tomorrow and everyone is eager to get dirty. Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

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