Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 6

Re-capping the week
     aboard the R/V Falkor

Our goals on this scientific research cruise have included mapping artificial reef sites off the Texas coast, surveying fish populations on the artificial reefs using the ROV and vertical longline gear, and examining phytoplankton by sampling the water column using the CTD along multiple transects. Using the map as reference here is what the team has accomplished this week.


On this leg the team has successfully processed and mapped the following sites:
BA-A-28, MI-616, BA-A-132, MI-A-7, MI-A-85 GR, MI-712, MU-802, MU-A-16, MU-828, MU-776, MU-770, MU-775, PN-A-58, PN-A-72, and PN-967.

The Coastal and Ecosystem Lab has successfully gathered samples from the following sites: Transect 1 (4 sites), Transect 2 (3 sites), Transect 3 (3 sites), Transect 4 (4 sites) and Transect 5 (3 sites).

Micro ROV
The Fisheries and Ocean Health Lab has utilized the on board ROV at site BA-A-28 and gathered HD and 3D video from this site. At site MU-802 the micro ROV was tested off this vessel and captured HD video. Although there was limited visibility, the team gathered the best video from this site to date.

Longline sampling

Longline Sampling -

The Fisheries and Ocean Health Lab used a vertical longline sampling method to gather data from the following artificial reef sites:

BA-A-28, MI-616, and MI-712 and processed the fish collected to gather more information about the fish populations on these artificial reefs sites.

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