Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 11

   aboard the R/V Falkor

With only two days left on this cruise the day's plan included the last CTD casts at site MU-828, and an ROV dive at Great Reef followed by longline sampling at A-7. The Coastal and Ecosystem Lab completed their collection from the last artificial reef site and started preparing to pack up. By early afternoon the seas were calm enough to deploy the ROV at Great Reef. However the visibility was poor due to the nepheloid layer which is the layer just above the seafloor containing lots of sediments. In the Gulf of Mexico this layer is generally significant and is created from a mixture of clay and a silty bottom . The ROV was retrieved after about an hour due to an incoming front. The weather quickly changed and white caps began to appear so the Fisheries Team prepared to ready the gear for fishing. The team deployed longlines at site A-7 in sets and fish were collected including red snapper, lane snapper, and almaco jacks. The weather is expected to be the same tomorrow so the fisheries team will have one last chance to collect fish.

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