Artificial Reef Surveys


1)      Conduct multi-beam surveys of 15 artificial reef structures off the S. TX coast.
2)      Conduct ROV surveys of these sites.
3)      Conduct CTD casts on each site.
4)      Conduct hook and line surveys of the artificial reef sites
5)      Conduct hook and line surveys of natural banks in proximity to artificial reef sites
6)   Tagging activities (passive, acoustic, satellite) as time permits 

HAB-forming Taxa Surveys

 1)      Complete repeated across shelf transects and CTD casts (including water collection from discrete depths).
2)      Collect continuous surface fluorescence and CTD data through the shipboard flow-through system.
3)      Complete 1-3 24-hr time series sampling events (CTD casts and water collection every 2 hrs) at sites TBD during cruise.

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